Certified Installer Highlight

Perma-Liner™ Certified Installer Highlight

Headquartered in Chatham, N.J., Pipe Works Services, Inc. has been offering its services to the residents of Northern New Jersey since 2000. With their reputation and 24-hour emergency service, they continue to be one of Northern New Jersey’s most trusted experts when it comes to plumbing services. Recently, the company performed a Hydro Jet on an entire line from the basement area of the front of a building to the city main in an attempt to clear the line of any

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Small New Jersey Township Creates Big Changes to Water Infrastructures

Sussex County New Jersey has come up with a master plan to help with the township landfill, as well as sewage collection process. The outdated plan used a collection tank -capable of holding a million gallons of liquid- bringing it to the collection facility. But new procedures have been implemented to do away with the old, making way for the new. Now, with new techniques, and raising the landfill to higher ground, the facility has been given over 40 more

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Cities in New Jersey are Reinventing Water Infrastructures

New Jersey has rapidly adapted to many changes within the water infrastructure culture. There have been many important discussions and actions taken on behalf of water quality for communities and neighborhoods in the state. The ability to deliver top grade water to homes is being challenged by an infrastructure that is in varying states of disrepair and collapse. Water is lost at a rate of approximately 20 percent through leaky pipes. It is estimated that the cost to upgrade the

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Jersey City’s Labor Intensive Sewer Remodeling

In many cities along the Jersey Shore, sewer infrastructures are being upgraded and redesigned to accommodate growth and an overworked sewer system, which can give rise to various nuisances. Currently, Jersey City is on the assignment of replacing 1,900 feet of sewer on Sixth St. from Grove to Monmouth streets. The $4.2 million project, which began several months ago, is to be completed by summer’s end. The line replacement is just one of $94 million in water and sewer enrichment

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Longport: Small Town, Big Plans for Conservation

Longport is populated with just under 900 residents.  It is a small, quaint town just a stone’s throw from Atlantic City. This tiny borough is facing high water usage which has recently become a concern making it necessary to seek out a means for conservation of water and reduce stress on an aging water system. Longport is hoping to stave off expensive infrastructure repairs, something that can be a particular burden to municipal water systems that lack the massive capital of

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