Small New Jersey Township Creates Big Changes to Water Infrastructures

Sussex County New Jersey has come up with a master plan to help with the township landfill, as well as sewage collection process. The outdated plan used a collection tank -capable of holding a million gallons of liquid- bringing it to the collection facility. But new procedures have been implemented to do away with the old, making way for the new. Now, with new techniques, and raising the landfill to higher ground, the facility has been given over 40 more years of usefulness. Additionally, a new pipeline will be installed, bringing the system and processes up to date. The total financing cost for the project is expected to save up to $8 million, over trucking the liquid that drains from the landfill. In a modern landfill, a water-resistant liner is put in the bottom of the landfill and the garbage and trash are piled in. The weight of additional trash, along with gravity, causes liquids in the garbage to collect in the bottom of the landfill where it is piped to a storage tank.

The project involves laying a four-inch pipeline, with one end of the pipe connected to the current collection tank and the other end going into a sewer main. The liquid will be pumped through the system, using fewer energy resources. Residents can expect construction to begin next spring, with the pipeline completed by the end of next year.

More sewer news:  The Water Company is beginning a pipeline replacement project (along South Finley Avenue) in the Township of Basking Ridge. The water pipes at the intersection of West Oak Street are decades old and in need of replacement. The project is expected to finish within three months. Street closures during construction will be limited to a specific work area.

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