Flooding and Drought: A Proportionate Concern for New Jersey Counties

Spring has arrived and along with this change of seasons brings a continued concern for drought conditions for many counties within New Jersey.  A collection of data taken in recent months suggests that several reservoirs have fallen well below capacity. Several cities did not get as much snow and rain as it needed during the winter, but the good news is the rain and snow that did occur helped boost the overall water storage levels to nearly 90 percent capacity.

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New Jersey Cities Work Together to Improve Local Water Infrastructures

Many cities throughout New Jersey are becoming more attune to the recommendations and benefits of sewer sustainable initiatives. Cities such as Newark, Camden, and Trenton have been awarded green bonds, or funding, to exhibit conscientiousness toward the need for green infrastructures.  The state has recently issued infrastructure bonds as “green bonds” to promote and amplify its commitment to financing water quality infrastructure projects that enhance water resources and protect public health.  Residents of communities across the state are doing their

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