Water Mains: An Aging and Crumbling Infrastructure

Water infrastructure is invisible to people, but when one fails, it becomes incredibly noticeable. Atlantic City, along with the state of New Jersey, are seeing an increase in failing water and sewer mains, which can pose potential health issues amongst those living there. This growing trend is in part due to the age of the structures, as well as underfunding. The recent nor’easters have not helped the cause. The cost of fixing the infrastructures, in the short-term, is high but

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Small New Jersey Township Creates Big Changes to Water Infrastructures

Sussex County New Jersey has come up with a master plan to help with the township landfill, as well as sewage collection process. The outdated plan used a collection tank -capable of holding a million gallons of liquid- bringing it to the collection facility. But new procedures have been implemented to do away with the old, making way for the new. Now, with new techniques, and raising the landfill to higher ground, the facility has been given over 40 more

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Flooding and Drought: A Proportionate Concern for New Jersey Counties

Spring has arrived and along with this change of seasons brings a continued concern for drought conditions for many counties within New Jersey.  A collection of data taken in recent months suggests that several reservoirs have fallen well below capacity. Several cities did not get as much snow and rain as it needed during the winter, but the good news is the rain and snow that did occur helped boost the overall water storage levels to nearly 90 percent capacity.

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New Jersey Cities Work Together to Improve Local Water Infrastructures

Many cities throughout New Jersey are becoming more attune to the recommendations and benefits of sewer sustainable initiatives. Cities such as Newark, Camden, and Trenton have been awarded green bonds, or funding, to exhibit conscientiousness toward the need for green infrastructures.  The state has recently issued infrastructure bonds as “green bonds” to promote and amplify its commitment to financing water quality infrastructure projects that enhance water resources and protect public health.  Residents of communities across the state are doing their

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Resourcefulness of Oysters to help Restore the Coast

On the shoreline of New Jersey, there are effective and creative efforts taking place to ensure sustainability for the long haul. A group of dedicated volunteers began the installation of a first of its kind urban living shoreline.  The living shoreline will consist of an artificial reef using live oysters and concrete structures known as oyster castles to reinforce and protect the coast. The oyster castles will provide the necessary hard surface that oysters can attach and grow on. This

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Full Steam Ahead! Check Out Perma-Liner Industries 2016 Events Line Up!!

Undoubtedly, you are still enjoying the many highlights that this time of year brings, but as the glory days of summer begin to wane, no worries! We’ve got some exciting events scheduled for you and they’re coming up right around the corner. Mark your calendars for these informative trade shows that you won’t want to miss! First up, Perma-liner Industries is pleased to announce we’ll be in Milwaukee on September 12-13th for the WEQ Fair. This is the place to

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Cities in New Jersey are Reinventing Water Infrastructures

New Jersey has rapidly adapted to many changes within the water infrastructure culture. There have been many important discussions and actions taken on behalf of water quality for communities and neighborhoods in the state. The ability to deliver top grade water to homes is being challenged by an infrastructure that is in varying states of disrepair and collapse. Water is lost at a rate of approximately 20 percent through leaky pipes. It is estimated that the cost to upgrade the

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New Jersey’s Investment in Environmental Reform

New Jersey has been awarded grants to help finance improvements to water projects that are essential to protecting public health and the environmental reform. The funds will primarily be used to upgrade wastewater systems throughout the state.  Additionally, the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program, administered by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection provided low-interest loans to local governments for water-quality protection projects for the purpose of making improvements to sewer treatment systems, controlling pollution from rain water runoff,

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Jersey City’s Labor Intensive Sewer Remodeling

In many cities along the Jersey Shore, sewer infrastructures are being upgraded and redesigned to accommodate growth and an overworked sewer system, which can give rise to various nuisances. Currently, Jersey City is on the assignment of replacing 1,900 feet of sewer on Sixth St. from Grove to Monmouth streets. The $4.2 million project, which began several months ago, is to be completed by summer’s end. The line replacement is just one of $94 million in water and sewer enrichment

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Atlantic City’s Sponsored Infrastructure Program

The New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Plan is a revolving loan program administered by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. This investment strategy provides loans to local agencies for the construction of wastewater treatment facilities, sludge management systems for wastewater and water treatment systems, combined sewer overflow reduction and other non-point source management projects. The subsidy also provides loans for the construction of distribution systems, storage facilities, and source development. Funds are made available under the federal Clean Water

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