Resourcefulness of Oysters to help Restore the Coast

On the shoreline of New Jersey, there are effective and creative efforts taking place to ensure sustainability for the long haul. A group of dedicated volunteers began the installation of a first of its kind urban living shoreline.  The living shoreline will consist of an artificial reef using live oysters and concrete structures known as oyster castles to reinforce and protect the coast. The oyster castles will provide the necessary hard surface that oysters can attach and grow on. This

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Longport: Small Town, Big Plans for Conservation

Longport is populated with just under 900 residents.  It is a small, quaint town just a stone’s throw from Atlantic City. This tiny borough is facing high water usage which has recently become a concern making it necessary to seek out a means for conservation of water and reduce stress on an aging water system. Longport is hoping to stave off expensive infrastructure repairs, something that can be a particular burden to municipal water systems that lack the massive capital of

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Sea Girt Pump Station Solution

Among the most devastating effects of Superstorm Sandy in New Jersey was the storm’s impact on sewage treatment facilities along the coast. During and after the storm, sewage plants and pump station were inundated by flood waters and without power for as long as three days, resulting in the discharge of some two billion gallons of untreated and partially treated sewage into New Jersey waterways. The environmental damage was unprecedented – and the financial impact was devastating. Total costs to repair

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