Jersey City’s Labor Intensive Sewer Remodeling

In many cities along the Jersey Shore, sewer infrastructures are being upgraded and redesigned to accommodate growth and an overworked sewer system, which can give rise to various nuisances. Currently, Jersey City is on the assignment of replacing 1,900 feet of sewer on Sixth St. from Grove to Monmouth streets. The $4.2 million project, which began several months ago, is to be completed by summer’s end. The line replacement is just one of $94 million in water and sewer enrichment projects planned throughout the next couple of years. This work will include the replacement or repair of 28,500 feet of sewer lines citywide.  $49 million of the allotted funds for this overhaul will be spent improving the water system.  The list of projects include the installation of a new 8,600-foot main from the southwest section of the city to Newport; cleaning and lining 18,800 feet of water mains north of Journal Square; and replacing 30 large valves citywide.

In surrounding cities, such as Camden, problematic combined sewer overflows are among the worst. Even an inch of rain can create a backup of raw sewage up into homes, streets and parks. Camden is trying to reduce its volume of storm water by creating more porous surfaces. Over the last three years, a Camden anti-flooding task force built 32 rain gardens, freshly planted green spaces, to let more rainwater infiltrate into the ground, instead of entering overburdened pipes. Collectively, Camden’s rain gardens soak up 3 million gallons of rainwater a year.

Fun advisory: looking for a refreshing spring event? Come out to Bally’s Park Place Boardwalk! The New Jersey Water Environment Association will have their 1st annual ‘Escape the Effluent’ 5K Fun Run/Walk being held on May 17th.


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