Waterline Renewal Technologies

New Jersey’s Investment in Environmental Reform


New Jersey has been awarded grants to help finance improvements to water projects that are essential to protecting public health and the environmental reform. The funds will primarily be used to upgrade wastewater systems throughout the state.  Additionally, the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program, administered by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection provided low-interest loans to local governments for water-quality protection projects for the purpose of making improvements to sewer treatment systems, controlling pollution from rain water runoff, and protecting water bodies and estuaries. To date, the EPA has awarded $2.4 billion to New Jersey through these programs, which are funded annually.

Interesting fact:  This year, North Arlington, NJ has removed fewer than 10 trees on public property and is initiating a tree-replacement program. As part of a sidewalk program, the city takes older trees that are lifting up the sidewalk or are in the way of the sidewalk, and plants new trees to replace them. Funded by a grant, the plan aims to increase the tree population, improve management of existing trees and examine the cost of a tree inventory. The community is also developing a long range community forest plan to maintain its existing trees. Tips for trees: Keeping baby trees watered is important during the first year. In dry weather watering is needed every 7-10 days. The water should soak into the soil and mulch. Trees can be planted through late spring, when frost is no longer present. Or in the fall before the ground is frozen solid

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