South Monmouth Has Paved Way for Mobile Sewer Design

There is a new plan that has come into action for residents of South Monmouth and beyond. The aftermath of disastrous storms had the City springing into action, thereby developing a better sewer system to include mobile pump stations. Gathering all their resources and expertise the Sewerage Authority has turned pump stations into transportable units. Engineers of this project have put together a list of recommendations when implementing such a plan. When designing a mobile pump station, the noise level and weight restrictions should be taken into consideration. Also, consider the amount of equipment that is held in the trailer and the appearance. Depending on where the mobile unit is located, most residents prefer it to be congruous with the environment. For instance, if the area is beach or summer-like than the mobile unit should reflect that, so it blends in. It is also important to decide ahead of time how functional the unit must be: how far the pump station will be moved (using the most efficient routing) and how quickly it can be transported.
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