Atlantic City Utilities Authority: Green Energy Initiative

The Wastewater facility in Atlantic City is not only in charge of the sewer system but has a solar energy project that is part of a green energy initiative.  The Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm which consists of five, 380 ft. turbines with a capacity of producing a combined 7.5 megawatts of power.  That is considered enough energy to power an estimated 2,500 homes.  The power produced is used to operate the wastewater treatment plant. The wind farm is the first in the state and as an eastern, urban, coastal, industrial, onshore, multi-turbine wind farm, it is one that is unique to the world.   In addition to this unique energy saver, The ACUA maintains approximately 20 strategically located pump stations throughout the county. Ultimately, the wastewater from 14 municipalities is either pumped or flows by gravity to these stations. The wastewater is then pumped through large force mains to the regional wastewater treatment facility located on the outskirts of Atlantic City. Incoming wastewater is collected from 14 municipalities using over 60 miles of force main which discharges into the 40 million gallon per day treatment facility.


Atlantic City, Perma-liner has some good news!!  We are introducing a zero down, no payments for 90 days on our state of the art 22ft Perma-Main Turn Key Trailer.  We also include training for this trailer system.  This is our Top Gun system that can rehabilitate 6”-10” diameter pipelines.  There are many other points to consider when using this this powerhouse for installation purposes.  A project that is consists of three installations each approximately 500 ft.  can be completed in 3 days versus the 9 day time frame for a conventional dig.  To find out more about this package deal, call us or go online to

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